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Luxury Boutique Shopping in Paris’ Golden Triangle

Discover Desirable Labels at Avenue Montaigne, Rue François 1er & the Champs-Elysées

Think Paris; and your mind may very likely go straight to fashion. Or rather the luxury fashion houses - and their well-dressed clientele - for which the city has become synonymous. But nowhere is this more in vogue than the capital’s Golden Triangle - where flagship boutiques from the who’s who of fashion all vie for attention from the capital’s discerning customers. This is the birthplace of haute couture, after all! So here’s our guide to just some of the sensational shopping that awaits, all located less than a ten minute stroll from Amarante Champs-Elysées.

Christian Dior

30 Avenue Montaigne

Upon first setting eyes on No. 30 of the legendary Avenue Montaigne, Christian Dior knew this little townhouse was to be the home of his haute couture empire. So, it was here where the designer first set about revolutionising realms of fashion: unveiling his maiden collection at the house in 1946, before announcing himself to the world with his timeless New Look a year later.

Today, however, the once modest exterior of the townhouse is almost unrecognisable, over the years developing into a five-storey structure, which stands a dominant figure in the Avenue Montaigne skyline. But make no mistake, once inside, the aura is strictly Dior, as you shop among Louis XVI interiors - gilded mirrors, crystal chandeliers and white lacquered furniture - which Christian Dior loved so dearly; beneath the same grey walls where the master couturier fashioned his creations (and even slept on occasion) for over ten years!

Ultimately heralded as a city within the city, this, their flagship store is the only place in Paris to purchase couture from a brand whose founder redefined the rules of elegance. So, next time you’re in Paris, do as the Parisians do and sample the splendour of the great Dior, at 30 Avenue Montaigne - situated a scenic ten minute stroll from our hotel.

Louis Vuitton

101 Avenue des Champs-Elysées

From trunk makers (albeit very good ones) to arguably the world’s most desirable luxury label, Louis Vuitton is as much a symbol of Paris as the Eiffel Tower. Hence, it is only fitting that the flagship store of the famous fashion house should find itself perched upon the world’s most beautiful boulevard, within a home that can only be described as an architectural triumph.

Which is in large down (or up) to the iconic dome that crowns the maison’s Art Deco façade - emblazoned with the eminent, gold-adorned monogram of Louis Vuitton. Venturing inside, however, will subject you to a shopping experience like no other, as you make the ascent up a spiral staircase, subjecting you to five floors of footwear, luxury luggage, prêt-à-porter and haute couture heaven.

To truly immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Louis Vuitton, however, depart on a tour of the flagship store with a personal shopper - dressers of the rich, famous and royal - who come armed with no end of knowledge about the history of the brand, and its luxury creations.

Balmain Paris

44 Rue François 1er

Pierre Balmain (1914 – 1982) was one of several haute couture honchos - along with Christian Dior and Hubert de Givenchy - to give French fashion its free-spirited resurgence, following World War II.

But while Dior had 30 Avenue Montaigne and his New Look, Balmain had 44 Rue Francoise 1er and his Jolie Madame - a signature style that was a sharp contrast to the utilitarian looks of the day. Adopted by both European and Hollywood heavyweights, including eternal style icons Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Lauren.

Like Dior at Avenue Montaigne, the historic home of Pierre Balmain still serves as the headquarters of the quintessentially Parisian brand, which has been restored to its former glories, courtesy of architect Joseph Durand. Boasting original features like an imposing stone staircase, alongside modern additions like alluring abstract mirrors, visitors are invited to shop collections within the very walls where Pierre Balmain would rewrite the rules of fashion, which awaits just a seven minute stroll from Amarante Champs-Elysées!