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Paris Fashion Week: Women’s Spring/Summer 2018

18 September 2017

Haute Couture Heavyweights & Stylish Newcomers in the Fabulous World of French Fashion

As we head into September, most of us will be clinging onto the last scraps of summer. But as ever, the fashion world is way ahead of the trend. So while you’re eyeing up winter jackets (and matching scarves if you’re uber-chic) these guys are already deciding on what you’ll be wearing in 2018 - which is to be unveiled at Paris Fashion Week! Here’s our guide to the haute couture heavyweights and stylish newcomers who are set to steal the limelight this autumn.

Julie Paskal: Uncomplicated, Ultracool & Ukrainian

26th September 2017 @ 10:30am

While there has never been a shortage of Ukrainian models roaming the runways of Paris, until 2016 the nation was yet to have a designer feature at Fashion Week. Introducing Julie Paskal - who probably needs no introduction, but we will do so anyway - the poster girl of Ukraine’s flourishing fashion industry, who is set once again to inspire audiences with the unveiling of a Spring/Summer 18 collection, from her eponymous brand, PASKAL.

Astonishingly, the fashion house only came to be as recently as 2013; when Paskal launched the label in pursuit of fulfilling a lifelong dream, while on a break from her architectural studies. But once started, she couldn’t stop. The result? A striking catalogue of collections, made characteristic by subtle silhouettes and minimalistic shapes - suggestive of the lucid lines seen in architecture and nature - which found themselves on the world’s most revered runways.

So what’s in store for SS18? Since bursting onto the scene in 2016, PASKAL have utterly impressed at Paris Fashion Week - but their SS17 and AW17 collections could not have contrasted more. The former was a vibrant, ruffle trim affair; while the latter employed a pastel, flower embellished aesthetic - so we’re going to hedge our bets and say you can expect something in the middle! You can however, rest assured that Julie will be propelling her distinctive laser cut designs onto the catwalk.

Yves Saint Laurent: Creator of the Modern Woman’s Wardrobe

26th September 2017 @ 8:00pm

Empowering women with iconic designs like the Mondrian Collection and the ageless Le Smoking, ten years before Fashion Week had even graced Paris, Yves Saint Laurent can lay claim to being one of the most important fashion icons in the world.

But while Saint Laurent, the man, will never be forgotten, the past is inescapably gone. Thus, current creative director Anthony Vaccarello is the latest to be tasked with the precarious job of filling the boots of the YSL legend; and indeed the equally as stylish boots of the most recent incumbent - Hedi Slimane.

Bringing an abundance of experience to Saint Laurent, Vaccarello previously cut his teeth with the likes of Lagerfeld, Fendi and Versace… and has recently unveiled an abbreviated black dress, embroidered with a purple flower and green leaves. A clear homage to one imagined by Monsieur Saint Laurent.

So for SS18? I think it’s safe to say you can expect much of the same, in that Vaccarello will be mindful of the past in his creations; whilst affirming an almighty stamp of his own upon the legendary label.

Meet the New Generation of Couture Creators

28th September 2017 @ TBA

While some may argue that the height of haute couture is firmly in the past - a few, such as Zara Umrigar would downright disagree. And disagree she most certainly will, when her eponymous couture house descends on Paris for a much anticipated Fashion Week debut this September.

For those who aren’t familiar with the newest couture kid on the block, you soon will be given Zara Umrigar’s dressing of leading ladies in both Hollywood and Bollywood. But there’s nothing new (so to speak) about her designs; with their influences very much taken from the opulent deposits of Old World Glamour - boasting classic silhouettes and beautiful bold embroidery, which all resonate an exotically influenced Roaring Twenties.

So what does Zara Umrigar have in store for SS18? Well, assuredly, she will be looking to make a BIG impact in Paris; which is perhaps why her collection will take inspiration from the planet. But rather more thoughtfully, the designs will celebrate the Earth’s beauty, while also shedding light on the parts of it that are slowly dying out. So expect extinction, intricacy, elegance, and Old World Glamour aplenty.

Chanel & Karl Lagerfeld: What on Earth Can I Do Next?

3rd October 2017 @ 10:30am

Was probably the question Karl Lagerfeld was asking himself, before he took the Grand Palais out of this world for Chanel’s AW17 collection; transforming the exhibition space… into a space station! Of course complete with a purpose built rocket, which literally took off.

And were we surprised? Well yes, a little bit. But not entirely, given this was just one of the weird (but wonderful) makeovers that the Grand Palais has received courtesy of Chanel; having already been filled with an actual iceberg, an Indian palace, a post-apocalyptic theatre, the Eiffel Tower, and a functioning supermarket - to name but a few of Lagerfeld’s cinematic creations.

But while Chanel have churned out fashion shows more film set than catwalk in recent years, there’s no denying the ceaseless flow of fashion that has soared out of Chanel, since Karl’s taking over in 1983. Without Lagerfeld we would never have witnessed the genius that was Chanel’s supermarket chic from AW14… and fronted by a rather casual (yet somehow classy) Cara Delevingne, as she swaggered around in a pink onesie, while picking up some double C adorned groceries.

So what are we going to see at Chanel’s muchly anticipated SS18 spectacle? Well, likely just that – a spectacle, of the highest order! And suitably supplemented with avant-garde garments, varicoloured tweeds, and homages to the house’s maiden mastermind, who lends her initials to the double C’s that Lagerfeld has propelled to unforeseen fashion heights.

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