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Step Inside the Wonderful World of Comic Con Paris

5 October 2017

Savour in Star Wars, Glory in Game of Thrones & Marvel at Marvel in Paris this October!

If you’re in Paris this October and you’re wondering why Batman and the Joker are enjoying a civilised coffee in the café across the road from you. Fret not. The age-old archenemies aren’t in the midst of crunch time relationship talks, they’re simply painting the town (and their faces) at Comic Con Paris! It’s all taking place at Grande Halle de La Villette, just minutes away from Amarante Champs-Elysées.

Comic Con Paris 2017

Grande Halle de La Villette

27th October – 29th October 2017

For those not familiar with the cosplaying, superhero celebrating, pop culture phenomenon that is Comic Con, where have you been hiding!? But fret not, this October you can make amends in Paris, as you join 50,000 revellers in Grande Halle de La Villette for a weekend of whimsical fun!

Set across three days, Comic Con will commence on the Friday with Stranger Things 2 - the second instalment of Duffer Brothers’ science-fiction sensation - and after the exclusive screening, the world is your oyster! So, prepare to escape reality with cosplay, meet Game of Thrones stars and the brains behind some of Star Wars’ most iconic creations; before disciplining yourself in the ways of the Jedi! Here’s some of the highlights you can look forward to at this year’s Comic Con.

The Weird & Wonderful World of Cosplay

For avid admirers of comics, gaming, TV shows, and movies; perhaps the only thing better than following their hero’s, is becoming them. Introducing cosplay - the imaginative mix of costume and roleplay!

Previous editions of Comic Con Paris have gone down a storm with cosplayers (we’re looking at you, Thor) but this year, amateurs, professionals, young and old alike, will be able to mingle in a dedicated Cosplay Zone! So expect to see surreal socialising aplenty, as the likes of Darth Vader, Daenerys Targaryen, Deadpool, and of course, obligatory armies of Stormtroopers, unwind in the themed area - filled with: animations, live entertainment, video games, musical performances, and interactive exhibitions.

Flickr DSC_0994 by Delphine Jankowski 530 x 300
'DSC_0994' © Delphine Jankowski | CC License

But that’s not to say it’s all fun and games! Those taking their costumes to the extreme, could stand a chance of getting noticed at the French Championships of Cosplay on Saturday; with the best dressed being flown out to Chicago to compete at the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay in 2018!

Game of Thrones Stars & the Man Responsible for Yoda!

As ever at Comic Con, opportunities to meet your heroes are aplenty, and this year is no different. Perhaps most excitingly (certainly for GoT fans) is the appearance of Finn Jones; aka the Knight of Flowers; aka Ser Loras Tyrell (RIP) - who will be on hand throughout the convention to sign autographs and pose for snaps!

Disciples of Star Wars are also in for a Death Star sized treat with Joe Johnston - the man responsible for the final designs of the Millennium Falcon, X-Wings, Y-Wings, Imperial Star Destroyers, Death Star, AT-ATs, Yoda, and Boba Fett!

Flickr Yoda by Kory Westerhold 530 x 300
'Yoda' © Kory Westerheld | CC License

Interestingly, both Jones and Johnston have also made forays into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Jones playing the title role in Marvel’s Iron Fist; while Johnston directed Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)!

Also joining them are Glynn Dillon - chief costume designer for Star Wars’ latest (now Disney) instalments who is the brains behind Kylo Ren’s mask in The Force Awakens! The Walking Dead's Austin Nichols (Spencer Monroe) and The Shannara Chronicles’ Poppy Drayton (Amberle Elessedil).

Lightsaber Duels, Retro Gaming & Nerf Battle Zones

Have you ever dreamt of joining the Rebellion in the fight against the Galactic Empire? Or ever fancied yourself as a lightsaber wielding Jedi or Sith? Well, this October you can come a step closer to realising the ways of The Force with Sport Saber League - as you enrol in the first lightsaber duelling academy in France! Further combat training also awaits with the 501st Legion French Garrison - so prepare to join Rebel Soldiers, Snowtroopers (and Jokers) as you dictate the fate of the galaxy in the nerf zone!

Flickr Paris Comic Con 2015 by ActuaLitté 530 x 300
'Paris Comic Con 2015' © ActuaLitté | CC License

After all that excitement, gamers can also unwind as you (re)discover legendary consoles with Pix Elec - a dedicated gaming area filled with timeless games like: Sonic the Hedgehog on the SEGA MegaDrive, Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo, GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64, and vintage Tekken on the PS1!

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'Paris Comic Con 2015' © ActuaLitté | CC License

'DSC_0994' © Delphine Jankowski | CC License

'Yoda' © Kory Westerheld | CC License


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